For practising acupuncturists

If you are already practising traditional acupuncture, enhancing your standing in your local community or with service providers such as the NHS or Private Healthcare Insurers by becoming a member of the British Acupuncture Council can be a cost effective way to add value to your business.

The basic entry requirements for membership are

  • three years degree level training
  • practising in the UK
  • english language capability to a specified standard
  • licensing requirements for premises


Where and when did you study, and where do you practice?

These are the pertinent questions regarding your possible membership.

If you graduated recently (3 years ago or less) from a British Acupuncture Accredition Board approved institution, please go to this page. This is our standard route to membership - if you come from a background that is different, then this is not a problem, our admissions department will be happy to receive your application. Simply answer our simple set of initial questions to check your basic eligibilty, and the system will point you to the correct form to fill in.


 The current annual cost of membership is £610. This can be paid in full or quarterly by direct debit.


Join online

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