Become a professional acupuncturist

When you become a member of the British Acupuncture Council (BAcC), you are joining the leading UK body of traditional acupuncturists. The BAcC is widely known and accepted as the market leader in the field - being part of this ensures we offer you the best support and representation, both within and outside of the profession of acupuncture. The BAcC mark stands for high standards of professionalism, educational training and safety.


In the field of acupuncture in the UK, our brand awareness is second to none with regular articles in all the national media – we have become the go-to people for information in newspapers, magazines and on television.

As a member you have the right to expect and receive excellence from the BAcC. We are a founder member of the government backed Professional Standards Authority's Accredited Voluntary register – currently the only independent body of acupuncturists there. The BAcC's high standards are recognised by the majority of private health insurers.

How we will support you starting your acupuncture practice

We provide unrivalled support and benefits as part of your membership fee. In addition to £5,000,000 professional insurance and a 24 hour legal helpline we also provide support in all the other areas where you may need it. We have experts in the office and on hand to provide you everything you will need.

1. Advice and support setting up your business/clinic

Building a successful practice takes time and knowledge. We provide our members with all the expert advice and information they will need to make this happen. We provide information on:

  • Advice via phone or email to any question you may have about marketing or PR or websites especially attracting and generating new patients. We also have videos and written tips on how to attract patients without spending lots of money
  • Guides on generating your own PR with sample press release templates, guides on search engine optimisation, how to use Facebook and Twitter, how to build a website, how to build a database, how to give talks and presentation
  • Free image library and discounted website design and hosting through a recommended design company
  • Professionally designed templates including posters, leaflets, Powerpoint presentations for you to use to promote your practice
  • Acupuncture Awareness Week – the only acupuncture awareness week in the UK – and one managed and run by the BAcC – with members provided with a toolkit on how to get involved and generate more patients.

Member from Ipswich:"AAW worked really well again for me this year. 14 booked in for a free consultation and 13 then booked in for treatment. I used the AAW press release supplied by the BAcC to go into a local magazine and two of the local papers. The balloons supplied free by the BAcC were filled with helium and placed outside the entrance to my clinic"

2. Practitioner support services

  • Expert advice from our in-house solicitor, ethics secretary and safe practice offer is on hand – from offering advice on complex medical conditions or troublesome patients, local authority licensing to advice on patient and practitioner complaints.

3. Local support and events

  • Feel part of the community and never feel isolated when you are a member of the BAcC. We offer an annual conference with international speakers, a party to network with your colleagues and workshops to hone your skills, or learn new ones. There is also the annual ARRC (Acupuncture Research Resource Centre) symposium with ground-breaking research into acupuncture being presented and discussed
  • Regional groups – join your local group of members and students – for networking, learning, sharing ideas or skills, asking questions – just feeling part of the local community
  • Members only forum – readily available online advice from fellow practitioners and BAcC staff – a great and safe, supportive place to discuss any aspect of practice and to network.
  • The BAcC runs frequent free events adn workshops on topics such as "how to work in the NHS."
  • A Business Support Programme for subjects including "how to market your practice", "financial advice" and other great business workshops are run by the BAcC at cost price – starting from as little as £59
  • An annual residential conference over the last weekend in September, with top flight speakers from around the world

4. Journals and newsletters

  • The BAcC's member led magazine with all the latest news, reviews and professional updates to keep you in the picture and make you feel part of the community. We also support the production of the European Journal of Oriental Medicine – the peer reviewed journal focusing on the latest research and clinical excellence.
  • A monthly email newsletter from the BAcC keeping you informed of all the latest developments within the BAcC but also within the profession which affects your clinic

5. Representation to Government and key stakeholders

  • The BAcC lobby's relevant political organisations and government bodies, as well as organisations such as CAP (Committee of Advertising Practice) on behalf of its members and the profession as a whole.
  • Continuous PR activity in the national media generates awareness and opinion

Join us for as little as £19.27 per month !

If you graduated from a BAAB accredited institution then you receive reduced price membership in your first 3 years of practice - 75% discount in the first year alone. Read more information about joining for students and recent graduates, or those already practising acupuncture


If you are currently studying acupuncture or have recently graduated

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If you are already practising acupuncture professionally

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