We are pleased to announce that we are now once again taking applications for full membership, ahead of our members returning to work on 4 July. You are welcome to apply now in order to be ready to begin practise on 4 July.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, members are required to comply with local and national governance, and our own safe practice guidelines, which are available in the application process and on request from the membership department to graduates of BAAB approved courses.

It is currently only possible for recent graduates of BAAB approved courses (who are also UK residents) to apply for membership. Please do not apply if this is not you.

If you graduated from a BAAB approved institution within the last 3 years

The British Acupuncture council is the largest professional body of traditional acupuncturists in the UK

By joining the BAcC you will be joining the only professional acupuncture organisation to be accredited by the Professional Standards Authority(PSA). Our members are highly trained, and held to high professional conduct and safe practice standards; ensuring clients that they can feel safe when being treated by a BAcC member. Join us today and join the community that works to promote acupuncture to the public by funding and publishing evidence based research to support the use of acupuncture as a complementary therapy.

number 1 benefit

Mark of professionalism

We are the only acupuncture organisation accredited by the Professional Standards Authority. We cultivate high standards through our entry requirements and support for top-quality training. Our codes of professional behaviour ensure effective safe practice. We promote your professional development with our CPD programme, mentoring register and funding for research. Our members are widely approved by PHIs.

number 2 benefit

Support in your practice

Our gold standard insurance gives cover for many additional therapies plus 24-hour legal helpline. We have in-house experts to advise on all aspects of professional standards including safe practice. Our confidential practitioner-support helpline is there for any member in time of need. We listen to your needs and work for you and your business throughout your acupuncture career.

number 3 benefit

News and benefits

Our regular e-news bulletins keep you briefed, especially on research and funding. To promote your practice we give you leaflets, logo, online resources and exhibition materials. You can read and contribute to our member magazine Acu. quarterly and the European Journal of Oriental Medicine twice a year. You get exclusive offers on events and with suppliers. You can tell us what you think whenever you like.

number 4 benefit

Strength in numbers

Ours is the voice of traditional acupuncture in the UK. We negotiate with regulatory bodies, initiate campaigns and publicise research. We work with other acupuncture organisations and healthcare charities. We talk to government and champion individual projects. Our public website is a leading source of acupuncture information including how to find a BAcC practitioner.

number 5 benefit

Community of traditional acupuncturists

You can meet other practitioners through local regional groups and workshops or get together for promotional events and mutual support. Our website forum and social media let you tap into a wide network of online colleagues. You can sign up for regular events free of charge and enjoy the collective buzz of annual gatherings like the BAcC conference and research symposium.